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Alto AMX-140FX 14-Channel Mixer W/Effects

Alto AMX-140FX 14-Channel Mixer W/Effects

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Product Description

The ALTO AMX-140FX is a 14-Channel Mixing Console with Digital Effects equipped with 4 mono input channels (these are provided with ultra low Boise microphone pre-amplifiers and phantom power at +48 Volt), 4 stereo input channels, 4 stereo aux returns and 2 TK IN. So, in total you have 14 input channels on your AMX-140FX. It is specifically designed for professional application.

Product Features

  • 4 mono inputs with gold plated XLR and balanced TRS jack
  • TRIM and +48V Phantom Power for mono / mic inputs
  • 2 stereo inputs with balanced TRS jack, input 5 has a mic input too
  • Peak LED in each channel
  • 3 - band EQ
  • 2 AUX sends: AUX 1 with PRE - / POST - FADER switch for monitoring - AUX 2 POST - FADER for effects sends can be changed in PRE - FADER for monitoring
  • 2 Stereo AUX return with level and routing to AUX 1
  • 2 - track IN / OUT with discrete switches for routing to Control Room and to Main Mix
  • Discrete output level for Phones / Control Room
  • Balanced XLR & TRS jack output
  • 24-bit digital effects processor
  • 256 effects (16 presets 16 variations)
  • Effect on/off by means of MUTE switch or a footswitch connected to the DFX FOOTSWITCH


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